Intense, Wild & Naked is not only the names but the look and feel of Mitovskis first three products. 
But who and what is Mitovski?

Mitovski is a new cosmetic brand on the market. Created by two young women who both have over 10 years of experience when it comes to the beauty industry.
The brand was created when Nathalie Mitovski felt like the market where missing luxury individual lashes so she decided to create her own.


The Mitovski brand is there to be a luxury product whilst also serving as an environmental friendly product. Therefore the brand is fully vegan..


The Mitovski brand has already expanded however the individual lashes was the first product created. With three different designs and sizes the costumer or the makeup artist can easily decide the outcome of the final look. The synthetic individual lashes are designed hair by hair and then handmade to fit in with your own lashes and looks incredibly natural. Intense, Wild & Naked is already a favourite. Not only by the private person, but also by professional makeup artists around the world.


As mentioned, the eyelashes aren’t the only product that Mitovski Cosmetics offer, there is also a collection of seven makeup brushes. 2020 the first three went in to production. The foundation brush “Rodrigo”, the blen- ding/eye-shadow brush “Valentino” and the eyebrow brush “Angelo”. This collection is well made with high quality. They are made with synthetic hair and an extra-long matt black wooden handle for stability. These brushes will feel luxurious in your hand but also easy to work with to give you the result you wish for.

Obviously, there is a story to be told behind this brand and it was with that story that everyting came through. Mitovski Cosmetics isn’t just a new beauty brand, it’s the beginning to liv your dream life. A life you’d only see on the silver screen that could indeed be your reality.
Mitovskis products will be the thing to remind you that everything is possible and that you should be the person you dream to be.


The Mitovski woman is somewhere between 25-40. She prefers the exclusive, simple and unique but she is clever enough to not spend a fortune to get what she wants. She is curious and wants to take inspiration from all over there world no matter where she goes. She treats herself with love and see no shame in spoiling herself. Every morning she wakes up exited. It’s yet another day to take a step forward to fulfill her dreams. The Mitovski products give her that feeling of luxury and self esteem that she is looking for each and every day. The seven brushes came to creation by using the inspiration of the seven men in here life. The men who will always give her what she wants and be there when she needs them. Before leaving for the big city, she applies the lashes as a final touch. That final touch can be Intense, Wild or Naked..

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