The perfect natural lashes you wish you were born with. Well.. stop wishing and get Naked.

When simple is boring, go Wild! This crisscross result looks amazing both day and night.

Striking full volume for a sexy, Intense, yet sophisticated look.


The lashes are designed by our makeup artist Nathalie Mitovski who realized that there was a lack of luxurious lashes on the market.

Unlike whole lash lines, you can adjust the result completely with piece lashes. Thanks to three different designs on the lashes, you can create everything from the simple, almost unmade-up look to the more eye-catching and intense one.

It is also nice to mix all three and a tip is to try short Naked at the bottom of the nose root, long Wild in the middle and medium / long Intense at the far end and also overlap them. As you can hear, you can mix and match indefinitely and create unique results all by yourself!

Piece lashes are perfect for all possible occasions!


Even if you have built-in lashes, you can choose to fill in the gaps that occur between the times with your lash stylist or just apply extra for a fuller lash line.
Should the bend not match the one you have, you can attach our lashes from below instead of "putting them on the lash line".

We work with synthetics and all lashes have a C-bend and vary in size between 8-14mm. The thickness of the straws is 0.07 in all bundles except our Intense which are mixed with thicker straws in 0.2.

The shortest is Naked while Wild and Intense are longer, however, Intense feels the longest as these are fullest and contain thicker straws.

A hot tip for good lash glue is the Duo brand, which is available in both transparent and black.


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